The following is a sample of clips from actual ads posted by people who made poor choices and then decided to dump their Siberian when it was no longer convenient for them.  We hope you can understand, after reading through some of these clips or emails why we are so careful about where we place our puppies and why we always encourage families to consider adopting a rescued or displaced adult.

Looking for good home for XXXXXX. He is neutered, an all white, Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Due to family schedules and a new baby, we are no longer able to provide the love and care that he needs.

FREE dog! Great with kids. Come and get him and he is yours

Unfortunately I have too many animals in a small yard and it is not fair to them. Landlord says I must find her a new home by Saturday

The reason she needs to find a new home is because she is not fond of small children. She has never snapped or growled but better safe than sorry.

I am looking to get him into a better home he needs a yard my house has no yard for him to play. he is very content staying indoors but loves outside.

This is a hard choice to make but I FEAR he is going to end his joy in life. I live close to a busy highway and I can not keep him in my yard. He goes over our 4 foot fence all the time.

I do not want to see him go but am no longer able to give him the attention he needs.

I was told today that i had to give up my puppy or get kicked out of my apartment. I dont want to give him up but i have no choice.

Our old male Husky needs a new home. My girls just don't show interest in him anymore. They don't want to walk him or brush him. They used to fight over these jobs.

Unfortunately, her owner is no longer able to care for her and needs to find her a new home immediately.

She needs more attention then i can give her. I have 3 kids and work full time. please email if interested.

I recently had to move into an apartment and things are just to small for her. She needs a big yard to run in. I am sad to see her go but its for the best.

I have a 3 month old siberian Husky that I have only had for 1 month. He is a very loving puppy with alot of energy and passion. I currently started a new job and it is not fair to the dog because I have no time for him anymore.

My children do not spend time with him or like to walk him.

I no longer have time to spend with my husky due to busy schedule and two baby boys, and I think he deserves more than what I can offer him.

He needs a new forever home because we don't have enough time for him anymore.

I have one siberian husky mixed pup that I need to rehome. I can not keep due to landlord changing his mind.

He's new to our home, and now that my kids are teenagers and never around, he's not getting the attention he deserves.

We "inherited" XXXXXXX due to a family member whose child has allergies. Our father-in-law recently moved in with his dog, and therefore, we now have too many dogs.

Landlord says I need to find a home for them today. He claims I have too many animals.

He is a beautiful well behaved dog. My son is very allergic to him so he has remained outside without the interaction of kids. I feel bad for him, I want him to have a family.

We have two other dogs and we are expecting our second child so we thought it would be wise to try to find one of the dogs a good home.

Moving must go cant take him

I need to re-home her quickly as health issues with myself and my elderly Mom have broadened

Cute 8 month old puppy. i work third shift so i need to get rid of him because, he keeps me up all day.

I am going back to school out of state and unfortunately will not be able to take proper care of him any more

Great 1 year old female. Would love to keep her, but she has a little more energy then I have time for and I am on a very tight college budget

She needs the attention that I just cant give her. I work and I cant spend the time with her that she needs.

I must be moved out by the end of the month, and have very little time to find her a GOOD, LOVING home!

All my animals are outside, but he is old now so he needs an inside home.

This Female Siberian Husky needs a new home by tomorrow! My landlord changed his mind about his "pet policy" and now she has to go and he has given me 2 days to find her a new home. He is a real JERK!

i would love to keep just to many 4 me. all to good home

Had him since a puppy. We just had baby, another on the way. Need to give away.

We are moving and can not afford to take him with us.

Come on I need some help needs to be gone asap.... he will be taken to the pound on thursday if noone takes him.

Are you beginning to see a pattern??

This is not a decision to be made lightly or on impulse.
These dogs live 10-15 years which is longer than most people
stay in one home or own one car.
So please think carefully before making this decision.

What kind of home, love and lifestyle can you offer
one of these beautiful, magnificent, deserving dogs
and for how long?

Are you REALLY worthy of what they have to offer?
M. Arab