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Rescues needing a home now...
We offer this page as a courtesy for families needing to place their dogs and for rescues to post homeless Siberians. Generally we have no information on these dogs other than what is listed here. Please do your research before you bring home any dog. Unfortunately, there are many Siberians and Siberian mixes of all ages in rescue or foster care at any given time. Please consider giving one of these wonderful dogs a permanent loving home.
Maddie has been placed
Harley has been placed.
   If you are having problems with your Siberian we will be happy to offer advice that may help you keep your dog in your home. If you feel you can't deal with the demands of the breed or find yourself in circumstances that force you to give up your dog feel free to contact us. We offer private rescue when we are able. We can't always take your pet in immediately, but we can help find an excellent home within our network as quickly as possible.
Sienna has been placed and is now Alice.