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Crates/Crate Training
(Also known as:"Take that thing out of your mouth!")

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!
Siberians, as a general rule, have an extremely high prey drive. This means that anything small that runs away, flaps, flops or flies past them may trigger an instinctive hunting urge. Being a highly impulsive breed, they tend to give chase without thinking. An obedience champion, in a photo shoot on the roof of a high rise, leaped to it's death off the roof when a bird flew by close to the building. This  instinctive urge to give chase can be difficult to train out of them so it is not unheard of for a family with Siberians to come home and find the dogs have killed the cat that they had lived with peaceably in the past. There are also numerous Siberian owners who can tell you that they carefully raised their puppy with cats and their own dog is 100% trustworthy. Then there are Siberians that are very gentle with the small pets in their own family but are a terror to stray cats and squirrels outside. Every dog is certainly an individual and environment and training will also make a big difference in how a dog behaves. The general rule stands however. Owners of this breed need to understand the overall predatory tendency and the highly impulsive behavior of the breed before committing to owning one. Obedience training and ongoing intense socialization can help train your dog to respect smaller animals however, for some members of the breed, the urge is too strong to train away. The only reliable solution is complete separation and supervision. It's very possible to train some Siberians to live with cats easily. We have two dogs that are very good with cats. It's also very possible you'll lose a kitty.