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Taja's Deliver Us From Eva WTD

DOB: Aug 7th, 2011
Bred by: Melissa & Jessica Arab/Brooke Aimar
Owned by: Lori Leaney
AKC: WS38194101
UKC: P689-662
CAN: 1116403
Microchip: 956000008329289

OFA HIP: "Excellent"
CERF "Clear"

Diva is such an incredible all-star and a true Diva, cross-training in obedience, agility, conformation, sledding,and her greatest love of all, dock-jumping with Ultimate Air Dogs Canada. She earned her first dock jumping title at 12 months old. She is also a UKC Champion with a Reserve Best in Show to her credit, and Diva is Canadian pointed. Diva earned her United Senior Jumping Champion title
at 23 months of age and her Working Team Dog title at just over 3 years old.
We're very proud of Diva and very grateful to Lori for providing her with such a wonderful home and life.

Dam: RBIMBS UKC/SLOV/CAN CH Heaven's Blue Taja Siwash Legend CGC
Sire: Silari's Classy Mountain Thunder
(above) At 21 months old, our little Diva was awarded Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show under Judge Tina Camp. It was incredibly gratifying to hear Judge Camp proclaim that she was awarding Diva RBIMBS because Diva never placed a foot wrong and with her clean movement, Judge Camp could easily see her doing the job that she was bred to do. As you can see, Diva does that and much, much more.
We are so proud to see this athletic girl excel at everything she does.

(left) Diva and her half-brother Sirius
Co-leaders on Team LL (Langlois - Leaney)
(Sirius has one blue eye)

Keep those photos coming Lori. :o)
We're loving the updates.
Our lovely Diva made such an impression, that she was selected to grace the cover of the Ultimate Air Dogs Canada Brochure for 2013.  Way to go Lori and Diva! We're so proud of you both.
Diva is a black agouti. Her guard hairs are banded with cream at the base, red in the middle and black tips. Her coat looks dark black in normal light or shade and looks like a mink with deep mahogany highlights in brighter light.
Canadian Show Results

7/13 - Judge Denys Janssen - WB, B. of Opp.
7/13 - Judge Patricia Cruz - WB, B. of Opp.
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